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It’s that time of the year again.

Leaves turn auburn and yellow, the smell of wood-burning stoves grace our nostrils and the seasonal flavor of pumpkin spice floods the shelves and minds of America. But what is pumpkin spice? Until recently, Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes didn’t even contain any of the seasonal spice. But alas, it is a beloved symbol of consumer America: artificial, marketable, and oh so irresistible.

Ithaca College’s part-time professors, like much of higher-ed faculty in the U.S are unsatisfied with the pay and benefits given to them. Following protests from IC part-time faculty union members, we look at the reasons for strengthening union voices on campus as well as the ramifications of the contingent faculty’s demands. (Bogged Down in The Numbers, p. 14) and (Come Together, p. 16).

Consumerism, that holy order of acquisition, is a tempting short-term pleasure, but it sometimes falls flat when paired against our desire for human-to-human interaction. (The Creation of Consumerism, p.18) We also explore the sexualization of snapchat; beyond the puppy-face filter, it’s the little things that speak volumes about how we express our image to others. (Snap Judgement, p. 31).

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