About Seesaw: Seesaw is the multimedia arm of Buzzsaw, specializing in short-form documentary, audio production, and videos to take the magazine off of the page and into your computer. Check out our work from this year below. For past installments click on the Seesaw drop-down menu.


Kava Bar; October 2013


Variety is Key; October 2013


Freeing Her Speech; October 2013

"Circus Life," May 2013

"Pale White Aliens," May 2013

"I.C. Hex," March 2013

"The Elephant in the Room," February 2013

"Alex & Tiffany," February 2013

"Defining Identity," February 2013

"Disney Wars," December 2012

"One Giant Jump for Mankind," December 2012

"The Aliens of Planet Neptar," December 2012

"Who Needs Feminism?," November 2012

"Listen," November 2012

"Confronting The F-Word," November 2012

"Pronunciation Manual," November 2012

"Politically Styled," October 2012

"The Wine Major," October 2012

"The Whine Tour," October 2012