Ithaca Coffee
Ithaca recently received the title of “Coffee Capital of New York State.” Members of
our multimedia team went to various coffee shops in Ithaca to see the what makes the
coffee so special.

Kava Reactions
Kava: The root of a plant from the South Pacific that has mild psychoactive effects. Ithaca
College students travel to the Mystic Kava Bar to try some Kava for the first time,
see their reactions in this video.

Journal Entries from Ithaca Falls
Ithaca is gorges, literally. Explore Ithaca’s natural lands and listen to journal entries
describing their trip to Ithaca Falls.

Ithaca College vs. Cornell University Poetry Slam
Ithaca College versus Cornell University in a poetry slam at the Mystic Kava Bar in the
Ithaca Commons.