Editors’ Comment

At the core.

When you go to the very center, you’ll be surprised by what you find. Whether they’re cultural, political or musical, our origins shape who we are and how we view the world — for better or for worse. So come with us while we take it back to the beginning.

There’s a reason people get pissed at strangers for being overtly kind to others, and it starts way back in childhood. The phenomenon is called “do-gooder derogation.” (“Why You Gotta Be So Nice?”, p. 8)

From Karl Marx to Bernie Sanders, socialism has had various definitions, but since back in the day, it’s been misunderstood. (“Tracing the Evolution of Socialism,” p. 18)

Lastly, we look back at David Bowie, someone who’s made indelible impacts in fashion, music and culture, and who left us a haunting final release. (“Fashion Oddity,” p. 31 & “Blackstar,” p. 35)

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