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Basketball is our favorite sport.

Dunking means more than to score some sure-fire points. It means flamboyantly, forcefully, powerfully, absolutely obliterating your opponents and breaking them into pieces as the crowd goes wild. Crowd pleasing
annihilation is what we’re talking about. The game isn’t about not losing, it’s about convincing everyone that you’ve won.

Join us in exploring the ways that the performance of dominance colors the world we live in.

A 19-year employee of Ithaca College bids IC a critical adieu in a powerful piece. (Imagine… Being Really, Really Proud of Ithaca College, p. 18)

Although citizens have the right to the full or partial disclosure of unreleased documents controlled by the United States government, the process to get them presents itself to be slam dunk for the government. (The Right to Know, p. 24)

Everybody Wants Some!! may be more of a lay-up than a slam dunk. What’s a lay-up? Beats me. (Everybody Wants Some!! Review, p. 34 )

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