You’re Wrong

Editors’ Comment

You’re wrong. I’m wrong. We’re all wrong at one point or another. But some people are more wrong than others, and that is where we, your BuzzEds, come in.

When we decided on the theme for this issue, different editors had different reactions: Julia, our Seesaw co-editor, thought of her younger brother. John, social media editor, bemoaned “the entirety of cisgender men.” Lexie, Prose & Cons editor, couldn’t help but think of the election.

From stupid brothers to righteous authoritarian demagogues, we explore who’s blatantly wrong across the whole spectrum of ethics. Come join us in this issue, where objectivity is a lie and nothing means anything.

Despite being a two-time Olympian and a threetime Olympic medalist, Gabby Douglas still faces silly, gender and racially charged comments (Don’t Forget to
Smile, p. 14).

Objectivity in journalism has become entrenched. But what happens when journalists prioritize objectivity over the truth? (In Pursuit of Truth, p.18).

The Kardashians are notoriously wrong about most everything. But what are they right about? (More Than Just Half-Baked p.32).

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