Glue Issue

Editors’ Comment

The process of sticking, the act of staying together.

Weaving out of division and into cohesion and harmony proves to be a difficult task. But not difficult enough to be impossible. Welcome to the world of ripping things apart, only to figure out better ways of situating them together to create something bigger, badder, and more beautiful.

Homeless families aren’t just in NYC, but in Ithaca as well. Learn more about the parents and counselors at Beverly
J. Martin Elementary School who are working to make a difference. (Children without a Home, p. 14.)

The local maple syrup industry is embedded in identity of Northeast but with more and more businesses starting to industrialize, the consequences affecting smaller operations are unclear. (Sticky Situations, p.22.)

Lastly, while women with eating disorders are a frequently discussed topic men with eating disorders are often left by the wayside, a resulting in a denial that men can suffer from eating disorders as well (Eating Disorders Affect Everyone p. 32)

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