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Fuck the patriarchy.

The Swimsuit Issue is Buzzsaw’s take on feminism. Instead of a magazine full of half-naked women, we have a magazine full of stories that critically examine women’s issues and the feminist movement.

Buzzsaw strives to go beyond the stereotypes — rather than bra-burning and man-hating, this issue explores the many facets of the movement, including whose voices are welcomed as part of action and discourse.

As many celebrities and politicians shy away from association with feminism, others fight to join in the conversation, from stay-at-home moms, to racial minorities, to transwomen, to meninists. Feminism isn’t just a movement; most feminists see it as a way of life. Just how many aspects of everyday life are touched by feminism?

On college campuses across the country, sexual assaults and harassment are notoriously underreported. In an effort to provide more support to victims of sexual violence, Ithaca College has launched SHARE. Though the college and Ithaca community provide a wide variety of resources, many students aren’t aware of how to access them, or even that they exist (Sexual Violence on Campus, pg. 12).

As globalization continues to pervade all aspects of society, the manner in which the feminist movement is approached has taken on an international lens. Transnational feminism requires a respectful and understanding approach — recognition that different cultures have varying expectations and goals for what feminism is and should be (The Feminist Exchange, pg. 15).
A red carpet precedent has been set and hammered ruthlessly into stone that appoints female celebrities’ outfits as the pinnacle of importance. Who they are wearing is more important than what are doing (Who Are You Wearing? pg. 31).

When people experience sexual assault, their choices are temporarily taken from them. But in many cases, survivors work to raise their voices against the violation of their bodies. Faith comes alive in the powerful performance of “IX”, a poem both written and given by Malika Giddens (Seesaw, web).

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