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Get that filthy thing away from me. Or read it.

Not everything in this world is pleasant. Sometimes things take a turn for the worst into something just plain gross. And sometimes the perception of what is nasty is wrongly conceived.

From the hand sanitizer obsession to outlawing the five second rule, Buzzsaw asks, what’s so wrong with being nasty?

Dead bodies decompose. But before being burned to ash or buried six feet under, the bodies are often subject to autopsies and embalming practices, which slow the decomposition purpose. From embalming to burial, dead bodies pass through many living hands before they find their final resting places. (What Happens to Dead Bodies, p.18)

The Crimson Horror. Aunt Flo. Shark Week. The long list of euphemisms for menstruation reflects how taboo period talk remains in public settings today. This stigmatization shows a societal devaluation of women, informed by centuries-old cultural beliefs and practices related to “that time of the month.” (Go with the Flow, p. 20)

The undead have long been a focus point in the realm of fantasy romance. With works like Twilight and Warm Bodies, the typically-repulsive monsters of our imaginations turn into love interests, and consumers aren’t afraid to explore a different side of life. (Undead Romance, p. 34)

Dive into the world of kava, a ceremonial tea from the South Pacific, with a glimpse at the magic in store for customers at The Sacred Root Kava Bar. This photo slideshow, in collaboration with the center spread, displays the drinks, desserts and artwork available for consumption at the establishment. (Online and A Sip of Kava, p. 26)

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