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BDSM= Buzzsaw Does Sex Magazine

So let’s talk about sex, baby!

Though this is a theme that Buzzsaw already covered in its early beginnings, sex will never go out of style or become less important in our daily lives. Sex affects us in so many ways: individually, emotionally, socially, physically, even legally.

Sexuality is a crucial part of identity, but people who identify as asexual tend to be misunderstood by society (All Kinds of Love, pg. 18).

Misconceptions and misunderstandings about sex stem from a lack of sex education, as well as abstinence only sex education programs, offered while teens are in school (An Educational Experience pg. 14). Even with insufficient sex education, sex and hook up culture, especially among young adults, is on the rise (Let’s Go Back to My Place, pg. 16).

Expectations of what sex should look like and mean are shaped by the media’s representation, but in many cases, those experiences are portrayed in a romanticized, overly choreographed light. Though shows like HBO’s “Girls” provide a realistic look at less glamorous and even awkward sexual encounters, backlash against the show represents a discomfort with candid discussion about a normal part of life (Doin’ It For A Reason, pg. 30).

Combining the environmental and feminist movements, Sustainable Passion uses women-centric sex toys to support personal pleasure and sexual freedom (Products Empowering Pleasure, Seesaw).

This issue is more than just the birds and the bees, so get ready to talk dirty.
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