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It’s a line on a map. It’s a fence through your lawn. It’s a shift of your mindset. Everyday, humans traverse hundreds of physical, societal and mental borders. Our lives are constantly in flux as well as the borders we confront. For some, a border is a barrier, for others it’s a challenge that aids personal growth. No one is exempt from borders; all of our political and social institutions organize society and the world along borderlines, both on a personal and geo-political level.

United States armed forces are crossing more than just international borders — the military also considers racial and economic conditions in its recruitment strategies in American high schools. (Fighting for Citizenship, pg. 22) On a personal level, many people find themselves using psychedelic drugs in an attempt to transcend mental borders, an area which now has medical scientists pushing the boundaries of their research. (Magic Mushrooms, pg. 17) Not only do borders exist in our minds, but they exist in our families, especially when a relative is incarcerated.(The Family Dynamics of Prisons, pg. 14)

As technology continues to expand and evolve, the border between reality and the virtual world blurs. With virtual reality company Oculus VR being bought up by social media giant Facebook for $2 billion, virtual reality will explode and the possibilities soar beyond the realm of entertainment. (Redefining Real Life, pg.30)

On the north end of Cayuga Lake, a land dispute continues between members of Upstate Citizens for Equality, Inc. and Cayuga Nation despite the end of court proceedings. (This Land is MY Land, Seesaw) Couples discuss how their relationships are withstanding the tests of racial, national, and religious differences. (If the Grass Tastes Sweeter, Seesaw)
So pack your bags, because Buzzsaw is taking you on a journey across borders you didn’t even know existed.
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