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Step right up ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. It’s a dog and pony show — in the magazine realm at least. We’re under the big top for this issue.

The circus is an intricate show of dazzling acts and performances that all work together to baffle and amaze its eager audience. In this Buzzsaw Circus, we have many show-stopping acts we are sure will wow you. Our tightrope walker explores the balance between developing architecture and green technology in his article “It’s Not Easy Being Green” (pg. 19). Our very own Ithaca College aerialist acrobat tells her own personal story about taking part in a youth circus in the article “Stories from the Big Top” (pg. 14).

It is easy to let the glamour and sensationalism cloud our judgement. This appealing and charismatic lens in which we can view the world can be dangerous when applied to certain instances, like the Boston Marathon explosions explored in the article “Coverage in a Time of Crisis” (pg. 20), and other right violations explained in the article “A Disappearing Act” (pg. 16).

Sometimes after graduation we find ourselves headed down a path least expected, as in the case of Daniel Danbroff who contorted his talents as a psychology major at IC into his career acting in independent films, as explored in “A Brilliant Risk” (pg. 32). In “I Ink, Therefore I am,” (pg. 30) we take you through the evolution of body modification from the freakish fringe of society to its place in modern culture.

We hope you enjoyed our ballyhoo. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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