Haircut: 3/21/12

What Is Haircut?

When you look up ‘alternative’ in the dictionary you see the latest issue of Buzzsaw. And sure all of our editors drive cars fueled with chai tea and are voting for Steve Jobs’ corpse in the upcoming Presidential election. But when Buzzsaw magazine got ready to start their semester, there was one question that probed our mind: how can we get even more alternative?

Introducing Haircut, Buzzsaw magazine’s bastard, alternative lovechild that unapologetically covers news more in-depth than other student publications as well as news you can’t find anywhere else.

Back when you thought you were making a statement with that Green Day wristband, Buzzsaw magazine was still reigning alternative supreme under the name Buzzsaw Haircut. Somewhere between getting initiated into Alliteration Alliance of America and Birkenstocks coming back in style, Buzzsaw revamped itself and the ‘Haircut’ got shaved off in the process … until now.

Enjoy the second issue!

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