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Welcome to infatuation nation, where desire and impulse rule.
What is perhaps most dangerous about obsession is our inability to notice its tumultuous presence in our lives. It has the tendency to sneak up from behind and change everything unless it is called out. And that’s where we come in.
America the supercilious: it pervades the hearts and minds of its people through foreign policy, education and political rhetoric.(The Dark Side of American Exceptionalism, p. 22) Brunch, the blessed Frankenstein creation between breakfast and lunch, has transformed Sundays to be the creative class’ preferred meal to conspicuously display status. (The Social Capital of Brunch, p. 20) Oneohtrix Point Never’s new release, “Garden of Delete,” uses the grotesque to find a place of hyper-realistic profundity. (Oneohtrix Point Never review: p. 34)

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