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They can take our lives, but they can never take our freedom. The right to freedom is invoked in many circumstances, but by whom and for what purpose?

We live in America, which allows us the freedom to mansplain our way out of anything. We live in America, where success means having brunch with a tie, while tweeting about it. We live in America, which allows us the illusion of freedom, which is kinda nice sometimes.

“Why did you stay?” is a question often asked to victims of intimate partner violence. Yet when freedom is no longer an option, it is society’s responsibility to understand and create solutions, especially on college campuses (Combating Intimate Partner Violence in the 21st Century p. 19)

Feeling distracted and despondent? Have some free amphetamines! Though you might want to first learn about our nation’s pharmaceutical conglomerate, which thousands of students are possibly playing into. (Free Speed, p.22)

Ithaca radio station 88.1 WRFI is a host of alternative music, news and other content run by the volunteers for the community. We take a look at the inside of WRFI. (Radio for Ithaca by Ithaca, p. 31)

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