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Whether triggered by personal nostalgia or realized through an article, interacting with the past is as important as it is unavoidable. Some memories are welcomed back, while others would rather be forgotten, but throwing it back is often invaluable.

Considering that modern society is nothing more than a culmination of past progress, taking a chapter out of history is often the best way to understand the causes and possible outcomes of the issues and situations faced on a daily basis.

So we invite you back with us. Jump in our DeLorean, speed up to 88 miles-per-hour and see where society once was in order to understand how far we have come and how much further we have to go.
From students studying abroad to avid world travelers, Americans have increasingly ventured beyond the now stereotypi- cal Western Europe and Caribbean islands. However, with this desire to cross more borders has also come less of a tendency among travelers to fully immerse themselves in foreign cultures (Travel in the 21st Century, pg. 19).

Much of U.S. freedom and government policy has its roots in a strong history of mass social movement. However, in recent years, the act of protesting has been normalized in American society to such an extent that its broad acceptance has the potential to jeopardize its effectiveness as a vehicle for change (A State of Protest, pg. 16).

History always repeats itself, and fashion is not exempt. Luck- ily thrift shops exist so people can stay on top of the latest repeated trends without breaking the bank. Style comebacks tend to follow the pattern of 40 years for a vintage feel and 20 years for that 20-something throwback to youth (Fashion on Repeat, pg. 31).

Keeping with the tradition of protesting injustice, Ithaca College students held a vigil in November honoring Michael Brown, local Sean Greenwood, and the countless others who have lost their lives due to police brutality. Following the verdicts to not indict the officers in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, students staged other on-campus protests (No Justice No Peace, Seesaw).

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