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Strap on your cape and quaft your hair just right. It’s time to fly into Buzzsaw’s Hero Issue.

The hero is more than a character confined to comic panels and blockbuster Hollywood films. Heroes are the people protesting injustices, fighting wrongs and questioning society. These heroes do not always sport six packs, guns of steel or the ability to fly.

In the pages of Buzzsaw, our heroes wear the disguise of the everyday and the ordinary. Look at the people around you. Anyone could be a hero.

In the media world, foreign correspondents risk life and limb to paint pictures of international affairs for domestic audiences. As warzone dangers increase, outlets are turning to freelance reporters in a previously unseen capacity. These days, war reporters often aren’t embedded with U.S. forces on the front lines; they’re venturing into conflict zones in hopes of sharing the gruesome realities of modern wars (Dodging Bullets, pg. 10).

For too long, the heroes of movies and television shows have been white males. The Hollywood entertainment factory has continued to pump out production after production with white male protagonists, while the population of the United States is more than half female and around 64 percent white (White Male Protagonists, pg. 17).

Are you somebody’s hero? Ithaca College students talk about who their heroes are on campus and why these professors, friends or roommates are meaningful to them (Who Is Your Hero, Seesaw).

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Editors’ Comment

Welcome to our lair.

From the sunless depths of the BuzzCave, we are pleased to present the Villain Issue.

Whether shrouded in a cloak, or sitting behind a Congressional desk, villains have proven to be a consistent, if not unfortunate, staple of society.

We welcome you to the dark underbelly of our world. Try not to take a wrong turn as you meander down the winding road of evil, fear and denial. Come on in. Embrace the darkness.

In light of the recent beheadings by Islamist extremist group, ISIS, misinformation and fear mongering have taken hold of the mainstream media. This has rejuvenated fears among the American public that colored political discussions during the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Much of modern media seems to be feeding political stigmatization that builds support for U.S. military intervention abroad (Lies, Propaganda & Racism, pg. 6).

Battling orcs, exploring dungeons and deciphering puzzles is hard enough on your own. With a group of friends, character sheets and 20-sided die, it can feel impossible. Tabletop RPGs require the perfect group dynamic in order to have a successful campaign, and one bad apple can prove disastrous (Playing With Your Enemies, pg. 13).

Politicians are controversial figures, and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is no exception. His anti-corruption commission is under federal investigation for allegations of corruption. This scandal invites criticism of Cuomo’s administration (Actions Speak Louder, Seesaw).

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