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Pray to your gods and confess all your sins, the Piety issue is here. Piety, in layman’s terms, is reverence or religion and these two concepts remain central to the lives of countless people across the globe. Through prayer, through services, through positive actions, many have different ways of deepening their relationship to the spiritual world. Though each religion has its own set of values, a common thread among them all is the created framework of understanding the intangible.
Many choose to live pieous lives in search of answers to their existential questions. Piety may lead you to a church, mosque, temple or monastery seeking a higher-power. Perhaps piety has lead you to believe in no higher-power at all (In Atheism We Trust, pg. 14)
Whatever the case, piety is always present. Piety is simultaneously a catalyst of conflict (A Plurality of Perspectives, pg. 22), and a crucial advocate for peace (A Thread of Non-Violence, pg. 16). The most devout beliefs can act as a springboard for protest and change, as in the case of Russian activist punk band Pussy Riot’s media-rattling protests (Punk Prayers and Political Protest, pg. 30).
Ithaca College students manifest their reverence in many forms, as the religious and non-religious all have something they believe in (Religion as a Spectrum, Seesaw).
Regardless of the spiritual guidance you seek, piety in its many forms infiltrates society, sporting many different faces.
All we ask is one thing from the greater beings of the universe: Rock Me Sexy Jesus.
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