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“Local” movements across the country have driven people to get back to their roots, slow things down and learn a little about their communities. By paying attention to the world on a micro rather than a macro scale, we start to understand why we do the things we do and how to change things for the better.
From bumper stickers alone, we already know that Ithaca is “gorges,” “cold,” ”liberal,” “hilly,” “fences,” and “gangsta” — or, if you prefer, “10 square miles surrounded by reality.” Don’t get us wrong, those are some pretty accurate descriptions. Still, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to dig a little deeper into the city that has become our second home.
Beyond numerous accolades for being an awesome place to live, work and retire, Ithaca provides a supportive and fun environment for people of all interests, even including League of Legends (More Than Just A Game, page 16). The city’s socially conscious and eco-friendly culture plays a major role in shaping the lifestyles and priorities of many residents, and even shapes smaller details like local fashion trends (Within The Local Fabric, page 30.)
The newest addition to Ithaca’s counter-culture nightlife, the Mystic Water Kava Bar, brings an ancient Polynesian tea to The Commons, and bills it as a social stimulant and an alternative to alcohol (SeeSaw).
Ithaca has also been recognized as a safe space for LGBTQ residents with a unique range of services in a uniquely decentralized fashion. (A community disjointed, page 21)
But diversity is not always the equivalent of harmony. Local residents voice their concerns with the Ithaca Police Department after an officer shot and killed Shawn Greenwood. (Cultivating Conversations About Race, page. 20)
The city of Ithaca has greater depth than that of the middle finger lake. This issue brings to light all that Ithaca has to offer: the good, the bad, the gorges, the ugly.

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