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Fuel up the Aston Martin, pop the champagne and break out the caviar — this is a black tie affair. From what we wear to what we drink, and even where we go to prison (Behind Gold Bars, pg. 20), many are striving to keep up a classy appearance. Buzzsaw is too.

Travelling to faraway places can be considered extravagant and exciting, but it raises questions of what makes foreign places seem so lavish (Converting Class, pg. 17). But who says you need to go abroad to be surrounded with fancy people? We have golden graduates right here at IC, one even rowed for gold on the Olympic stage (Carrying the Torch, pg. 21).

But fancy is not just a lifestyle for the rich and the famous. Fancy is a way of thinking. It seems to create a class disparity between those who are fancy and can own fancy things, and those who cannot. It’s a tradition we pass on to our kids (Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous and Young, pg. 30). But those who are wealthy don’t always feel the need to flaunt it (page Hidden Gems, pg. 18).

Why shouldn’t we all be able to flaunt a pair of Jimmy Choo’s or Ray Bans if we want to? We explore high couture fashion’s availability to the masses (Devil Wears Discount, pg. 32).

The historical etiquette of beverage times still lives on in the classiest of households (Just My Cup of Tea, pg. 31). And online, watch as SeeSaw walks us through Cornell Orchards to see the vibrant study of vitaculture and enology – A.K.A. winemaking.

With this issue, we are dressed to the nines, ready explore not only the consumption associated with a fancy lifestyle, but also the mindset the ideals of fancy unconsciously sustains.


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News & Views
  • A Contested Solution by Bronwyn Bishop
    Are Cornell gorges’ nets overshadowing mental health responsiveness?
  • Advocating for Acceptance by Alden Lo Bosco
    Campus Pride names Ithaca College one of the trans-friendliest schools
  • The R- Word by Qina Liu
    Women’s issues ensnared in political blunders
  • Chick-Full-of-Hatred by Jared Corwin
    Questioning fast food chain’s gay rights opposition
  • A Conventional Man by Christopher Thomas
    Is Paul Ryan smart or stupid in Election 2012?
  • Harvesting Hope by Gena Mangiaratti
    Ithaca Community Gardens in negotiations for new lease
  • To Vote or Not To Vote? by Sabrina Dorronsorro
    Exploring reasons to find your voice in Election 2012
  • Ready For Change? by Elizabeth Morris
    IC releases new admission and academic options
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