Dear Nintendo

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The Nintendo Switch was a highly-anticipated release, but this writer wants more from Nintendo.

By: Segaro Bozart, Contributing Writer

Dear Nintendo,

I love video games, and I feel like I have to give you the credit for it. Super Smash Bros. was the first game I can remember playing, and who knows how much money I’ve spent on Pokemon games over the years. I was looking forward to the Switch, even back when it was still the enigmatic “NX”. Back in January, I watched the live streamed reveal — my hopes were high, and wow, were they shattered.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the only big launch game? $300 at launch with no bundled game? No online infrastructure until summer? No info on Skyrim? And the only 3rd party developer at the conference was EA awkwardly telling us FIFA exists? Really? I dropped my preorder. Reviews for Zelda hadn’t come out yet, so I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it, and Ribbon Girl doesn’t seem like the next Nintendo icon.

I know you probably won’t read any of this, (and if you did, I doubt you’d take any of this into consideration) but here are a few things I hope you keep in mind moving forward with the Wii U — I mean! Switch.

A lot of these suggestions focus on your strengths—namely nostalgia and creativity—as well as bridge some of the gaps between the “Casual Nintendo Fan” and the “Hardcore Console Gamer.”

DISCLAIMER: I still plan on getting a Switch at some point (maybe), so this is mostly a wishlist to justify my eventual purchase.

First off, let’s talk about the virtual console. It’s no secret that Nintendo is the undisputed champion of nostalgia. If you don’t have fond memories of playing classic Nintendo franchises, there’s a good chance your favorite game was made by someone who does. We’ve been teased with GameCube Virtual console releases through rumors, but why not go above and beyond? It would be amazing to get virtual console games from every major console and handheld in your history.

The Switch has elements of almost every one of its predecessors in its hardware design and that should be taken advantage of. Even handheld games would be great with the Switch’s emphasis on mobility and versatility. Not only would Switch owners be more than willing to take a stroll down memory lane, but it could also sell units because of the promise of an all-in-one Nintendo nostalgia machine. Just please make sure people can transfer games they’ve already bought. Playstation Now is learning the hard way. Give the people what they want.

Speaking of Playstation, please for the love of Rosalina establish an actual online ecosystem. The fact that the full online experience won’t be available until the fall is rough; at least make it worth the wait. Make it something easy to navigate and give it features we would actually use. The necessity of a smartphone definitely raises eyebrows, but if it somehow improves the experience, I’m all for it. Your website makes it sound like you’re trying to offer something akin to PS+ of Xbox Games with gold, so pack in the value of those services. It’ll sway hardcore gamers and prevent Nintendo from being a dirty word in some mouths. If you update the virtual console and include several classic or pre-modern games with the monthly subscription fee, the online functions would seem like a bonus.

The next Call of Duty, Lego game and FIFA ports will come to the Switch, yeah, yeah, we know that. We play them on our PS4s and Xbox’s. Why would we want to play the same game on a less powerful console? Even with the versatility of the Switch’s handheld capabilities, some games are just better on beefier home-only consoles. Convince third party developers to make games exclusively for the Switch, or at least put more care into the ports. Skyrim will be a good test of a great third party developer putting some work into the Switch hardware, and only time will tell how it will turn out.

Aside from third party support, the Switch presents an opportunity to breathe new life into old or forgotten franchises. A new F Zero is long overdue. Yes, Fast RMX is a spiritual successor, but how about an actual first party successor, made with love and care. Why not a new Metroid game that makes up for the lack of a good one since Prime 3? The rumored “Pokemon: Eclipse” might just be a port of Sun and Moon, but hopefully they put enough care into it to give long time fans a reboot they deserve.

New IP (Intellectual Property) is necessary. Frankly, I’m not sure I have faith in Arms, so please put some thought into your next big investment. You benefit from the fact that you’ve crafted a lot of people’s childhoods, but it’s time to make some new Nintendo memories. The Wii U tried a few things that came off as gimmicky (The Wonderful 101, Zombie U) but the Switch has more potential. Make use of it.

I still have a lot of hope for the Switch. It’s your best selling console of all time, and it’s only been out for a little over a month. The Switch can learn from its older siblings, golden and prodigal alike. Your legacy will hold no matter what; you are cemented in history. I’d just rather not witness the decline before I make enough money to buy every Amiibo that comes out.

Again, I’m sure this won’t make it up the chain of command to grant these wishes, but hopefully I’ll be satisfied with my eventual Switch purchase regardless.

-A lifelong fan

Segaro “Bo” Bozart is a sophomore IMC major who could be the next CEO of Nintendo. You can reach them at

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