BuzzsexXx: Fantasy, Reality

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Fantasy, Reality

We’re in your bed
Your hand is grazing the bare skin of my waist/
I’m in my bed
I lift the edge of my shirt, moving slowly/

I reach for your hand
Lead it further under my top/
My hand settles on my breast
Bra already strewn on the floor/

The movements of the you in my head match those of me in my bed./

You slide across my body, hips on hips
But I’m not having it/
My hands slide to my waistband
It’s time to play/

There’s an impassioned battle between kisses
I win because I always run the fuck/
Lip biting, breast fondling
Sighs slip out from deep inside of me/

Sitting on your hips
Kissing your collarbone/
Sighing, smiling
The smell of sex rises/

I move my way down your body
Removing the barriers in my way/
I move my way down my body
Removing the barriers in my way/


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