Buzzsaw asks why we aren’t just night people

By | April 10th, 2017 | Day/Night, Sawdust

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I am a night person. Or maybe I’m just not a morning person, I don’t know. After getting all my work done during the day, going straight to sleep just isn’t enough for me — I need to milk all I can out of the rest of the day. If I finish my work at 10 at night, I need four hours to fuck around to feel like I had a full day.

Sometimes going to sleep just feels like defeat, especially on a not-particularly-great day. I can’t just go to sleep and let the day win; I have to stay up and beat it for the principle. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but it’s valid.

As much as staying up late is a part of my routine, waking up early in the morning is just not for me. There’s nothing like the feeling of waking up, blinking the morning goo out of your eyes, being blinded by the daylight coming through the window and facing the anxiety of yet another day. Some people approach the day with gusto, saying, “Yay! Another Day!” This guy, however, wakes up saying, “Ugh. Another day.” The good news is that I’ve usually slept through breakfast; one less thing to do.

Your editor in neurotic sleeping habits,

Jordan Aaron

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