Buzzsaw Asks Why… People think bisexuals are sinful

By | May 2nd, 2015 | Sawdust, Spin

How does my sexuality have anything to do with my vices? (No religious commentary, please.)

Okay, I guess I kind of get it: you’re pissed off and envious that I’m capable of pulling in twice or three times as much potential suitors as you are. But just because I can doesn’t mean I am.

Bisexuals aren’t “greedy.” Our orientation in no way implies polygamy and just because I like more than one gender doesn’t mean I’m somehow inclined to be with more than one person at a time.

And even if I was, who cares? Polyamorous bisexuals certainly exist, and that in no way makes them “lustful” or worth less than any monosexual or monoromantic person. How exactly is someone else’s sexual/romantic life your business anyway?

While we’re on the topic, why exactly do you think that I need to “make a decision”? If sexuality is the fluid spectrum people keep arguing it is, why is it that I, someone who is using the whole spectrum, suddenly needs to “choose”? And when did sexuality become a choice anyway?

One concession that I can make, though, is that I am absolutely filled with wrath by the treatment of my sexuality. Just because bisexuals don’t fit into the strict sexual binary that’s forced upon us doesn’t mean our identities and experiences are somehow invalid. And it’s pretty damn shameful that even those within the LGBTQA+ community are oppressing bisexuals in the same way that our heteronormative society is.

So, no, bisexuals are not greedy, lustful or any other sin you want to apply to us. Suggesting that we are is not only harmful to us as a community, but it also makes you a pretty gross person in general. Think about that the next time you try to turn your vices around on us.

Your (sometimes) sinful Sawdust Editor,
Grace Rychwalski

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