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Raven Symone reclaims TV fame

When the hit TV series “That’s So Raven,” starring Raven Symone as Raven Baxter finally reached its end, it hurt everyone. I swear I cried for days. But then Raven Symone’s character, Raven Baxter, went off to college while her father and brother moved into the White House in the hit TV series “Cory In the House.” Both TV shows, with their critical acclaim, had to come to an end, and we are all deeply saddened. However, by the glory of all that is good, it has recently been announced that Raven Symone will be starring in another hit TV series in her classic character, Raven Baxter. Raven Symone as Raven Baxter is NOT over.

I know Raven Symone, who plays Raven Baxter, has had a life to live, but it’s so exciting she is coming back to us. The anticipation for another Raven Baxter, played by Raven Symone, spin-off show is growing and growing. The wait is nearly over. This new show is going to balance television and many old fans’ lives, something that has been needed for too long already.

Are you ready for a new show, named after the iconic catch phrase “Ya Nasty”? I know I am. I am just the biggest fan of Raven Baxter, especially when she is played by Raven Symone. The other shows with the Baxter family are so wonderful they are almost disturbing. This new show is bound to be just as beautifully crafted with vicious brilliance. It’s so overwhelming already — I could throw up I’m so excited. So many people are going to love this show. My life will finally make sense again. I bet the show will have the perfect inappropriate (or nasty) adult edge to fit the age group of the audience Raven Symone already had while playing Raven Baxter — not that everyone can’t enjoy Raven Symone as Raven Baxter (the greatest character ever).

In “Ya Nasty,” the girl with special abilities to see into the future is still getting into grossly extreme situations and wearing bizarre costumes. Just seeing her in her own costumes again is going to touch me. Even though she gave up her dreams to become a famous fashion designer and left the Fashion Institute of Technology, she still has big dreams. I’ve read that the series will feature Raven Symone as Raven Baxter, post Law School, moving back to the west coast after graduating from Columbia University and landing a job as a federal judge. They are even continuing to tie in the other Baxter family shows.

Due to his job as a chef in the White House, Raven’s father got her an in with the president. This is what gets her nominated for her judgeship. Maybe getting the position this way is playing dirty, but it’s not so repulsive: of course her brilliance and charm got her the votes from the Senate. Deep down, I just know Raven Baxter, played by Raven Symone, is good and really just has to deal with many scummy people. The show better allow her to fulfill her true potential. I can already see her replacing the notorious RBG in the Supreme Court. The show is going to be so great, so foul — I’m so ready.

There are plenty of people who feel the same as me. One source, Raven Slimone — who is such a big fan of Raven Symone as Raven Baxter that she got her name changed — spoke to me about her excitement.

Slimone said: “The show has the perfect cast. Oh snap, am I so pumped up for ‘Ya Nasty’. Totally gonna celebrate with a sick premiere partay.” She even invited me to the party. I’m so honored, I could puke.

Raven Baxter, played by Raven Symone, is also going to have to deal with some skeevy moral dilemmas for many of her old friends have been finding their way into legal trouble since high school. This saddens me greatly. Her old friends may have changed since high school but Raven Baxter, played by Raven Symone, better not be tarnished by this new show. I guess she’ll just have to hilariously work through decisions about whether to cover their cloddish selves or not.

I can already tell “Ya Nasty” is going to be wonderful. I am currently preparing to completely submerge myself in the show by taking a leave of absence at school and stocking up on canned goods. I might shit myself I am so excited for this show that is guaranteed to be vile yet virtuous. Anyways, if any of you out there are gross nerd idiots that don’t love Raven Symone as Raven Baxter, you obviously have not watched enough of the Baxter family’s shows. You really appall me, but everyone deserves to enjoy the classic lines such as “Yep that’s me!” or “Oh snap” delivered by Raven Baxter, played by Raven Symone. So if anyone hasn’t seen all of “That’s So Raven” starring Raven Symone as Raven Baxter and all of “Corey In the House,” they need to watch. “Ya Nasty” is coming and we all need to prepare for the greatness of Raven Baxter, played by Raven Symone, to be on our screens once again.

Claire McClusky is a freshman film, photography & visual art major who is currently working on erotic “That’s So Raven” fanfiction, also titled “Ya Nasty!”. You can email her at cmcclusky@ithaca.edu.

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