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I greet my mat
My soul
The things that pour out of me
Opening each pore
Finding tears sometimes
I take shape

Is the supple string
That runs through my veins
Like a climber in Yosemite
I grasp the rope
It holds the weight
My mind
Is brushing against my bare feet
My heart
A hatchling looking at mother and sky

Is a thousand steeples
Meeting in one room
To simply breathe

Is boarding a plane
Into blossoming unknowns
And feeling peaceful warrior shine
From the confines of an economy seat

Is finding Namaste
In every palm you touch
Is a small stone you toss
Only to feel ripples within you
And every part of your lake
The molecules dance

Is greeting my mat
Knowing this gentle revolution
Is the string of every vein
And the rope as I climb
The continuity and community
I want to wrap it all up in paper
And give one to every stranger I meet
I want to learn the art of gift-wrap
And the freeing nature of awaking beginner
Every day of life
Breathing, moving, blessing
The palms of everyone I meet
And the mat I place my feet.

GZRW 03/03/2015 10:22

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