Buzzsaw Asks Why… Women can’t be nasty

By | April 2nd, 2015 | Nasty, Sawdust

From our bowel movements to our attitudes, women are constantly being told we can’t be nasty.

Well, why the fuck not?

Being a woman doesn’t stop me from being a human (even if society would like to tell me otherwise), and as such I burp, shit and tell people to fuck off just as much as any man. Not to mention the fact that — SURPRISE! — I have body hair, too! Golly, what a thought.

Shaming women for taking care of their most basic needs or desires is not atypical for the patriarchy, seeing as how it wants to control our every move to make sure we stay in its entirely arbitrary lines, but that won’t stop me from running my mouth about it (and using as many “fuck”s and “shit”s as I want).

But yeah, sure, I’ll definitely buy products like PooPourri (with the ingenious slogan “Girls Don’t Poop”), shave off all my body hair and smile sweetly and comply instead of telling off the assholes who try to walk all over me. I mean, society knows what’s best for me, right? If I don’t follow its oppressive, heteronormative rules and regulations, there’s a chance no man (regardless of my sexual orientation) will ever want to bed me. And if that doesn’t happen, I’ll never be able to pump out babies and put my “inherent” maternal instincts to use! Who could live like that?

Your nasty, horrible, cootie-infested Sawdust Editor,
Grace Rychwalski

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