You Can Do Anything

By | October 10th, 2014 | Buzz Blog, Web Exclusive

I like that sentence because it rings close to true. People like to object and say, “No, you can’t tell people they can do anything. You can’t tell someone they can do can do something when you know they cannot.” Well see, I have many qualms about this.

Firstly, I wonder who any of us are to think we can tell someone’s capability. We have no idea what our self is capable of, yet we assume when know what’s best for others? If you don’t think that’s twisted, then you might.

Secondly, people like to put such LITERAL and permanent meaning on things that make other people think they are living in this world is like moving mountains. You tell a kid they cannot act, that kid will say, well…. I cannot. I mean, if it’s coming from your father, of course that’d strike a nerve. Despite being seven. Obviously his intention was not to say that I did not have the ability to become an actress, but that it was just not practical for my pursuits to return to my country. Although a booming film industry is growing in certain African countries, not all have achieved the same footing. Namibia, the country I call home, is one of them. Film, Theatre and the liberal arts are not yet practical to explore as careers. In a time when the generation now stepping forward into the working class are living in a still continuously developing country, politicians, engineers, doctors, lawyers and basically the “upper tier” are what are being looked for. That said, not all are discouraged to pursue their dream, however, they soon realize that that alone will not sustain them in Namibia’s economy.

All that said, it’s never really that we “can’t” do anything. People created this concept of “cannot”…. “can not”. The inability to ‘can’. A good friend of once said to me to replace the word can’t with won’t in my daily conversation. He told me that in a while I would realize that there are many thing that I could practically do, but I tell myself I am incapable of it and use that as a justification.. However, it’s not so much that I can’t. It’s so much more about the fact that I’m too much of a lazy bum to find my way around what ever obstacle it is that might face me that made me think I couldn’t do it in the first place.

It’s really never that you can’t, but so much more that you won’t. Let’s be impractical and say you want to rob your bank. You’ll say, ok…. no. I won’t. I know that its illegal. I know that I would get into a lot of trouble with the feds. So I won’t. However, you can. Banks have been broken into, held hostage. Some crazy dip has happened in banks.

Just remind yourself, it’s not that you can’t, it’s that you won’t. Sometimes there is something stopping you, and if doing the can’t could result in something that might dramatically alter your life, then don’t risk it. But when it comes to deciding whether to go to the gym before class, or whether to you could train for a triathlon. It’s never really that you can’t… it’s that you won’t.

….You can do anything.

Arlana is a sophomore journalism major that goes into the attic of her mind and pulls out some weird stuff. You can contact her at

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