The White Silk Blanket

By | March 6th, 2014 | Issues, Magazine, Prose & Cons, Sex

The icicles hang
Pendulous on the highway scene
The taut jaw
Whispering the memories of a
As nature’s drug of choice
Cakes the rooftops
Drips drips drips
The chimneys signaling
A welcome into this bright world

We got the glow
In the crunch beneath our toes
The dismal death of leaves
Now alight in the preservation
Of some kind of optimist
Singing in the furry slumber
God bless the free
Rhythmic dancing from the heavens
Gracing trees
Still green with nocturnal charm
The others
Funny skeletons reaching
The stars, my ancestors
It’s the benevolent push of the flake
These wheels keep turning
Past the fermenting grain

Drunk on the scenery
I admire the bleached glow
Fanged flurries
Sticking to the gum of earth
Here I am
The pale sister
Of the tan sunshine girl

Everything works out so good
I wear the robe like no one could
The quiet empress
Gracing my bright piano hands
Like night
Ash and Tar
Oddly sinister in the sunshine
I see the decadence of iridescent
Sugarcane gravity
Minty air on my breath
These doughy months
Cloaked in celestial grain
I’m alright
Within this different kind of light.

By Gillian Wenzel

GZRW 2:34pm 12/01/13
Featuring lyrics from “White Teeth Teens” By Lorde

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