Nature’s Anatomy

By | March 6th, 2014 | Issues, Magazine, Prose & Cons, Sex

Walking through my favorite path in the woods,
I realize I am journeying through nature’s anatomy
With its fervent roots as chromosomes
And ground as its muscle mass.

I find there are hills and lumps in the ground
That are not regarded so beautifully in the human body,
And I envy its confidence to breathe
With its breeze.

As I proceed down the path
I find that I am the blood within its veins,
That I support it with life, unlike other humans
Who fill the blood streams with a starless sky of venom.

After my breaths are short,
I find vessels in which I feel completely immersed
And if I trek far enough, I will be able to blink
And find myself within its heart.

I ask myself,
“How could anyone poison
A living being who just wants to love
And be loved?”

So the blood pumps in the tall trees
That overlook what’s left of their clear-cut cousin.
I plant my body under its shade, listening, consoling,
And end up finding myself.

by Alexis Farabaugh

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