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Upon entering The Nines on a Friday night, one would expect to find a buzzed crowd bobbing their heads to some relaxed music. On the evening of Sept. 14, this was not the case, save the crowd of brew-sippers. The highly energized and significantly large crowd was taken over by awesome beats, unbelievable vocals and danceable tunes, thanks to Second Dam’s first ever EP release show.

The crowd of adrenaline-ridden college students anticipated the unleashing of Second Dam’s EP entitled This Guy while body heat radiated throughout the venue. As soon as Second Dam took the stage, the audience began cheering uncontrollably. Lead singer K.C. Weston tossed beads into the crowd and threw her voice into the air, growling every word effortlessly yet passionately.

The combination of diverse instruments — electric guitars, bass guitars, string instruments, a ukulele and drums — blended together to create a sound that is difficult to categorize. Second Dam has a way of making their songs suspenseful in a way that captivates the listener and commands full mental and physical attention. Their musical depth was pervasive and the crescendos of their songs reverberated wall to wall. The added vocal harmonies provided a sound that cannot be compared to any other band.

Each song the band played sounded totally different from the one before. It kept the night feeling fresh, and it seemed that even people who had never heard Second Dam before were able to sing along.

Their song “Back to Dust” sounded better than ever when they jammed it out to a crowd of sweaty, lively 20-somethings who sang along to the song’s infectious, chanting “ohs.”

“Walk Across The Country” had the crowd dancing fast, swaying slowly and hopping to the beat to the song’s multiple tempo changes. The band’s fast-paced song “Pick-Up” also had the crowd moving boisterously, especially at the end, when the song suddenly becomes incomprehensibly fast — in the best way, of course.

If the EP release show was any indication of how their future will be, they are going to be in the spotlight for a while.

Second Dam drummer Andrew Weir describes their music on their Facebook page: “Five-part harmonies, bouncing bass lines, a string section that will make your heart melt, sweet guitar riffs, a drummer who probably should be medicated, and a singer with more power and range than the power rangers. That›s Second Dam. We hope our music makes you smile.”

And make people smile it did.

- Robyn Schmitz

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