People Used to Eat Some Strange Stuff

The past is a funny thing. Oftentimes, what seemed so cool “back in the day” has the power to make us cringe when we encounter it in the present. This is true of just about anything, ranging from serious issues like the oppression of an entire people group (slavery) to even just a terrifying hairstyle (the mullet). But whatever it is, odds are if it makes sense to us today, it may very well be gawked at tomorrow.

Trash to Treasure

Blow dryers, mini fridges, iPods, safes, shoes. This seemingly random list actually describes items easily found in trash cans and dumpsters around the community — if only people were willing to dig through them.

Eating Behind Bars

Roughly one in every 100 adults in the U.S. is incarcerated. For the 99 percent on the outside, jails and prisons are hidden and enigmatic. Movies and TV dramas about prison life are popular, showing that people want to know what really goes on behind bars: the alliances, the punishments, and, of course, the food.

Unspinning the Meaning of the O-Word

Since the early 2000s, on the heels of a huge growth in consumer demand for organic food, an unprecedented change in how food is marketed and produced has occurred. The result is that a word that was once quite important has lost most of its meaning, and both consumers and farmers are the ones losing out.

Porches Opened to Local Bands

While wandering the streets of the Northside neighborhoods on Sept. 14, the sounds of nearly every musical genre could be heard. Porchfest commenced at noon, where around 150 local bands gathered to play short sets on the porches of various homes around the Fall Creek/Northside neighborhoods.

The Real Food of Spain

According to one of the most prestigious culinary prizes in the World, “World’s 50 Best Restaurants”, organized by Restaurant magazine, three Spanish chefs are among the top eight from around the world, representing about 37.5 percent of them. However, the population of Spain is just 0.67 percent of the worldwide population according to the CIA estimate in July.