Greek Life As We Know It

Up close and personal with the faults in the system By Alexis Morillo, Upfront Editor I don’t know why, but sometimes when I remember really big moments in my life I see them from a bird’s eye view. I watch myself from the outside. Maybe I do this as a defense mechanism to remove myself […]

Media’s Masculinity Complex

Why we praise our leaders for violence In an unforeseen military move, President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike on a Syrian air base April 6, an act that has moved the U.S. dangerously closer to international warfare. Naturally, Trump’s brash action sent the media into a whirlwind, with pundits and reporters shelling out their analyses […]

Back To Its Roots

X Ambassadors Bring a Music Festival to Ithaca by Annie Estes, Contributing Writer The City of Ithaca is gearing up for a music-filled fall as it prepares for the first ever Cayuga Sound Festival, which will take place Sept. 22 and 23 in several spots throughout the city such as Stewart Park, The Haunt and […]

Roadtrippin’ Playlist

Whether you’re hitting the road with your old high school friends or visiting grandma with your parents, these are road trip songs that everyone can sing along to. By: Tessa More, Contributing Writer Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the inevitable trips to visit college friends all across the country and globe. Fueled […]

RAW FROM THE SAW: Album Review – Pure Comedy

By Jordan Aaron, Sawdust Editor “Another white guy in 2017 who takes himself so god damn seriously,” Josh Tillman (better known as Father John Misty) croons in his 13-minute epic of a song, “Leaving LA.” Pure Comedy is sarcastic and earnest, cynical and optimistic, damning and accepting. It’s also quite long – probably too long. […]

Dear Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch was a highly-anticipated release, but this writer wants more from Nintendo. By: Segaro Bozart, Contributing Writer Dear Nintendo, I love video games, and I feel like I have to give you the credit for it. Super Smash Bros. was the first game I can remember playing, and who knows how much money […]