13 Reasons Why Not

Media’s responsibility toward mental health By Megan Banning, Art Editor Netflix’s newest series, 13 Reasons Why, follows Clay Jensen as he listens to 13 sides of his friend Hannah Baker’s suicide tapes. The series attempts to bring light to suicide among teenagers by sending the message to ask for help when you need it and […]

Take Back The Night

One survivor’s story By Anonymous I participated in my first Take Back the Night event my freshman year of college. It was hard for me to admit, just by being there, to hundreds of perfect strangers that I was a sexual assault survivor, seeing that my own parents still don’t know. My first march, however, […]

Our two cents on Karen Pence

Oh my God, Karen! You can’t just promote art therapy It started with Abigail Smith Adams, and now here we are in the era of Second Lady Karen Sue Batten Pence. Beginning around the 19th century, the first and second ladies of the United States, began to become involved in charity work or some kind […]

On Being Present

In my treatment session on Friday, we talked about mindfulness, the act of living vibrantly in the present. It is a way to cut out distractions and live a fuller, happier life. I’ve always found this skill impossible to master. There’s so much happening around me, in my head, that I can’t always bring myself […]

how i would like to be as a bible verse

i. GROWTH – an intro God grew me in the sidewalk cracks of the suburbs. He gave me broken petaled-toes and dew drops for eyes, and lined my body with thorns for good measure. “Your ideas are safe here,” He said, but I was trapped. I don’t want to be the champion of this story. […]

What the Health Care?

Political strife threatens Obama’s landmark healthcare bill It is safe to say that President Trump was disillusioned in his recent claim that “nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.” We all knew. One doesn’t need to understand American health care policy to appreciate its complexity. Health care language can feel coded, discouraging many […]