Glue Saves Man From Deadly Fall

Maybe we should help him down? I’m posting this message on Facebook from my phone in hopes that someone will read it and help me. All you people have done is like and share my posts! I’m not joking around on this one. I’m seriously hanging over downtown NYC right now. I attempted to take […]

Black Churches Still Burning

Acts of hate surface after election of President-elect Trump Whether you’re terrified, angered or thrilled with the news, Donald Trump has been elected president. Despite that headline taping itself all over every news agency back on November 6, a tragic backlash of the insanity in this election occurred. An one hundred and eleven year old […]

Beautiful is Harlem

by Kecia Romiel I lived in a one-bedroom polygon in a place where black was beautiful. Unless you didn’t have a pretty face. Unless you didn’t have manageable hair. Or you didn’t smack your Vaseline covered lips every time you finished a sentence. I was in-between. I was in between beautiful and sickly, when my […]

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

How lack of rehabilitation leads to a vicious cycle of recidivism The Clink. The Big House. The Slammer. There are many names for prison. Yet, with significant recidivism rates and overpopulation, perhaps “Revolving Door” would be a more appropriate choice. While prisons are a staple of the justice system, the incarcerated are often pushed out […]

life in the morning

by Mila Phelps-Friedl there is this moment just between waking and sleeping when you can feel everything. from the constriction and expansion of your lungs to the cotton fibers pressed against your cheek, the staleness of the air against your lips and the gum of mascara built up between the lash and the bleary blue […]

Oil, Imperialism and Indigenous Rights

Pipeline protests accumulate national attention “The demand is straightforward: The Army Corps should not grant the final permit, the one required to put the pipeline under the Missouri River. If the company insists on finding a new route, then the whole project should undergo a rigorous environmental impact review … Things should be done properly […]