Video of Cornell Dean Discussing ISIS Overblown

Creators of video sink to low standards of journalistic integrity Cornell University came under fire after Project Veritas — a non-profit organization that claims to function as an investigative journalism outlet — posted a video alleging a Cornell dean supports ISIS, an extremist Islamic terrorist group known for committing human rights abuses in its efforts […]


By Jackie Kazim, Staff Writer It Follows is not the kind of movie that sticks with you long after the end credits have rolled. By the time the lights had turned on, I had pretty much written off the emotions the movie had stirred. I had no desire to ponder it for hours, no desire […]

Buzzsaw Asks Why… People think bisexuals are sinful

How does my sexuality have anything to do with my vices? (No religious commentary, please.) Okay, I guess I kind of get it: you’re pissed off and envious that I’m capable of pulling in twice or three times as much potential suitors as you are. But just because I can doesn’t mean I am. Bisexuals […]

How To Catch A Man

7 steps to reeling in your husband, whether he likes it or not You’re sexy! You’re flirty! You’re fun! That’s everything a man wants, right? So why can’t you seem to catch the man of your dreams? Like most women, you’re probably going about it all wrong. Next time you spot “the one,” follow these […]

Feeding Her Soul Before It Was Stolen Away

By Samantha Brodsky I’ve been told I resemble my Grandma Norma, her dark, fierce eyes the shape of fat almonds, her oval face thin and fragile like rice paper. I’ve been told she was ferocious, a lioness, festering bitterness packaged by her petite frame, masked by jarring, lustrous beauty like the breathtaking blue of an […]

Tenth Anniversary

By Jodi Silberstein It’s a room down the stairs and second door on the left. People set up chairs while the smell of coffee swirls around the room, masking the smell of wet mops and stale beer. The whole family shows up. The daughter with the curls, the son in the sweatpants, the wife with […]