The White Male Protagonist

Dissecting the lack of diversity in lead roles I love watching the “good guy” on TV; he’s always an idol in some way. He reliably does the righteous and just thing, and he is always a hero, the person who we wish we could to turn to in times of trouble. However, there are equally […]

Othering Development

Western savior complex as modern imperialism Thousands of college students go abroad each year with the hopes of making a difference in underdeveloped countries. They volunteer in schools, orphanages and health centers, working within foreign communities to try to better societal conditions. But what happens once they leave? What does it really mean to be […]

Confessions from a Chin

Popular comic book hero feels left out Dear Diary, This week has, without a doubt, been the hardest seven days of my life. With Halloween rolling around, I go to Party City just for kicks, just to see that all of the Superman, Batman and Iron Man costumes are sold out. Tears roll along through […]

I’m Not Religious, But She’s An Angel

Her strength suits her skin in a metallic shine, A hard glaze like a valiant trophy But she’s no trophy wife; Her beauty scarfs itself around her Like ribbons of ine silk And she wears it as delicately As the winds are loud, Forever rumbling. She kneads her ingers into the world and molds it […]

The New Thor

No reason for Thor not be female Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor Mainstream comics get a bad rap for their representations of women, and rightfully so. But within Marvel’s main Thor series, a woman has assumed the mantle of the Nordic storm god. This a step […]


Kevin Smith’s latest film, Tusk, begins a trilogy into the backwoods of beloved Canada. The film stars Justin Long as Wallace Bryton, a podcaster in search of a great story for his podcast. After leaving both his co-host and his girlfriend behind (played by Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez), he goes missing in the […]