Ithaca College Part-Time Faculty File to Unionize

Administration supportive, but doesn’t commit to remaining neutral UPDATE: The Ithaca College administration released a statement via Intercom April 17 regarding the efforts of its part-time faculty to unionize. The statement was released on behalf of President Tom Rochon and Linda Petrosino, interim provost and vice president for educational affairs. The statement can be found […]

Killing Just Not What It Used To Be

Violent Video Games Ruining Reality The violence factor in video games has steadily risen as creators aim for more realistic, grotesque scenarios that can really let players relish in those inner cravings buried deep within them. Our world has no need for a Purge-esque holiday when we can pick up a controller and release all […]

RAW FROM THE SAW: Father John Misty

In a way, everything in Father John Misty’s latest album, I Love You, Honeybear, can be summed up in the first and last song. The songs in between make up the filler, the journey from one place to the next; but in the end there is a man, at first apathetic but now satisfied, a […]

What Happens to Dead Bodies

Exploring modern postmortem practices in the U.S. The only thing that is certain in this life is that it is going to end. Death is a fate that we all must eventually meet. Death has no thoughts for our great accomplishments, acquired wealth or the immeasurable love we feel for others. In the end it […]

“Ya Nasty!”

Raven Symone reclaims TV fame When the hit TV series “That’s So Raven,” starring Raven Symone as Raven Baxter finally reached its end, it hurt everyone. I swear I cried for days. But then Raven Symone’s character, Raven Baxter, went off to college while her father and brother moved into the White House in the […]

Money, On Top of More Money

Why the hell did this happen? $150,000. Thus far, through loans, grants, scholarships and my own money, Ithaca College has received over $150,000 so I can attend this institution, and I’m not done yet. Next semester I will be paying an additional $20,000 to finish my education, while graduating a semester early and saving a […]