Kim Davis, You Need a New Career

Clerk hides behind religion in discrimination against LGBT couples June 26, 2015 was the day many people across the United States had been waiting for: the legalization of gay and lesbian marriage. It was a Supreme Court decision that was destined to cause controversy, no matter the laws set in place to enforce it. This […]

My Night With the Pope

One Catholic’s controversial encounter I was incredibly excited. Through my church I entered a drawing to win a night with the Pope. As a devout Catholic, I saw this as an opportunity to discuss the issues of the world through a lens that was more mature and holier than mine. I entered and about two […]

The Jerk

by Katherine Schulman “Cameron, just eat your fucking chocolate cake, man. It’s French,” J.D. all but whispered. He finished inhaling his slice for a moment to take a swig of wine. It was crisp and from the finest vineyard in Napa. “It’s not even that good. Just because it’s French doesn’t mean it’s worth shit, […]

Game Review: Sublevel Zero

By Will Uhl Sublevel Zero is the lovechild of two niche genres: Roguelikes, known for their difficulty and randomly generated content, and six-degrees-of-freedom shooters, in which players can move freely without gravity. It’s a previously-unseen combination that works surprisingly well, bringing out some of the best aspects of each genre. Though it may have a […]

Freeing Your Mind

A psychedelic personal narrative By Lucy Diamond To me, he was my California Sunshine. To him, I was his Lucy. At some point in the night, we decided to adventure into the woods. The rain from earlier in the day still hung on the trees, dripping off in a cosmic rainbow. The droplets kept hitting […]

Refuge In Ithaca

Transitioning to a new community *Names have been altered to protect anonymity. If I stay in Iraq, they will kill me.” This was the thought that remained permeated in Sam’s* mind as he continued to live in his home country of Iraq. Stay, and be killed, or flee. Sam fled. The root of Sam’s decision […]