Budgeting Brazil

How hosting the Olympic Games changes a nation The Rio Olympics have been deemed a total disaster by some, and an accomplishment by others. The games came to a close with the impeachment of a president, the displacement of thousands of families and the installation of a public golf course. It was the first time […]

Helping the Hungry

The fallacies of food aid We’ve all been through this ordeal before, ready to scrape half-eaten leftovers into the garbage only to be halted by that same dreaded scolding: “Finish your dinner, there are children starving in Africa.” But lack of food in developing countries is more than just a guilt trip designed to make […]


By Tyler Obropta John Krasinski must be the most likeable guy in Hollywood. For his second feature film The Hollars, Krasinski has assembled the largest, most ridiculous cast of celebrities outside of one of Jack Nicholson’s wild, drug-fueled L.A. parties. In The Hollars, Margo Martindale and Richard Jenkins play mom and pop to Krasinski’s John […]

A Game Played By Somebodies

by Kirsten Poulos “You just aren’t good enough… You need to start carving away, Chiseling chunks from your body. This is a job best built for landscapers, Removing hills; returning flatlands. This is a game played by somebodies, Where everyone who is anyone Breaks apart their bodies.” I’m burning bridges because of Burning calories. I’m […]

In a room with machines, or none at all

by Tara Eng I remember my grandmother mostly for her battles against varying types of cancer. I can’t recall a time when she wasn’t sick; she was twice a survivor, but ultimately succumbed to the malignant cells diffusing within her. She never gave technology a chance to breathe life back into her translucent body, and […]

Tom Rochon Love Poems

Verses for a dearly resigned IC prez I. I had a dream of Ithaca in bloom last night your words and my lips “step down on me Tom Rochon” II. Your hair, skin is fairest I can find I dream of a kick-off event for you blue eyes I thirst for you savagely III. They […]